Anja Jane

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Bean & Boo

Bean & Boo was started and run by mom-maker Grace in 2015.  It has now grown into a small shop business that sells quality, hand sewn accessories and screen printed clothing for parents and Minis. Organic and eco-friendly materials are used to ensure sustainability and quality of the product which is designed, printed and sewn in Burnaby, BC. So happy that Grace is part of our artisan family.

Colleen Anaka

Colleen is a self taught artist who dabbles in soap making, bath salts and bath bombs. Her passion for colour and scent have made her loofa soaps a popular item in the shop along with her seasonal bath salts, unicorn bath bombs & small children’s soaps. Her creative side shows well in her paper mâché heads that are created from paper & glue, fashioned into the most wonderful facsimiles of Audrey Hepburn, Pirates, Day of the dead sugar skulls & Freda.

Dual Peaks Soap Co.

Erika and Jacquelyn have always shared one thing in common - loving a good bath and smelling amazing!  Thus, Dual Peaks Soap Co. was born.  They hand craft bath and body products in their home town of Maple Ridge, BC.  They take pride by formulating all of their products in small batches with the highest quality of natural ingredients. We are so pleased to be carrying their product in the shop.

Good Egg

Jen has always had an interest in the arts - whether it was drawing, painting, photography or fabrics. Trained as a graphic designer, she loves to create crafts that have practical applications. She is thrilled to be a part of the collection of artists showcased at L'Atelier!

Leah Schell

Leah Schell is a Vancouver, BC based illustrator working primarily in watercolour.  As a lifelong faerie enthusiast, much of Leah’s work and life is inspired by the wee folk.  Whether or not one chooses to believe in faerie, the stories of our childhood are rich in lessons from faerie wisdom that teach us to believe in the magic, the healing powers of laughter, and to connect with the world around us.

Northern Bear



RavensRest is owned and run by Jennifer Conway, an incurable collector with a lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds.  From her massive collection of vintage magazines, old photographs, wallpaper, tattered books, old patterns, matchbox covers Jennifer creates vintage inspired art for stationary, giftware, handcrafted bling and more. Playful, quirky and unexpected her work puts a smile on your face!


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The Beautiful Project

Located in Vancouver, BC, The Beautiful Project was founded in 2007 by designer and illustrator Jeannette Ordas.  She happily wears all the hats in this gig and have grown her line of cards into a collection of paper goods that reflect both the clever and the goofy.  Sass served up with a wink and a chuckle is our calling card.  Jeannette’s colourful greeting cards are made from recycled card stock & reflect a love of mid-century design.  A great addition to our artisan family.

Tooti Minch 

Hand painted watercolour is what Tooti is known for in the shop.  Her cards are one of a kind and each hand painted with love.  Her work reflects her love of nature and gardening with rabbits, dragonflies and scenery gracing the cards.  Local to the Burnaby neighbourhood, Tooti has many other art talents that she works on throughout the year.


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Bryan Wong

A self taught artist, Bryan creates detailed Christmas ornaments and very plump sock monkeys for the shop.  He is meticulous in his work and his work provides many smiles for the customers when they come through the door.

Darren Lebeuf

A Canadian artist specializing in photographing families, newborns, couples, and weddings. Darren is known for his earthy colour palette, clean compositions, and the natural emotional feel of his images. He has garnered international recognition and has been featured in publications and blogs worldwide. He is the creator of and illustrator of the Land of Le Beef and is the creative director of Housestories Canada.

East Van Bees

East Van Bees specializes in managing bee hives in urban and suburban areas in the lower mainland. The hives are never treated with chemicals and the bees are treated in an ethnical and sustainable manner. Every frame of honey is handled and put into a jar by East Van Bees, is never heated or over filtered and never mixed with other neighbourhood honey. You will taste the flavours of each neighbourhood. East Van Bees products range from neighbourhood Honeys, Wav wraps, T-shirts, tea towels, seed packets, to gardener balm.

Jolene’s Natural Soap

Jolene’s soaps are hand made with all natural ingredients, NO animal products (or bi-products), plant based oils, and 100% pure essential oils. The soaps are made with an olive oil base as the first ingredient, coconut oil and (sustainable) palm oil. The soaps are biodegradable.  Jolene believes in building awareness about the benefits of natural ingredients and products and has been making soap for 20 years.

Linden Paper Co.

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One Thing

Guided by her passion in life, Seterah always wanted to create a social enterprise that helps fight physical and mental isolation. Inspired by a documentary, she asks people all over the world "What is ONE THING you bring to this world?" and puts their answers inside lockets for you to find.

Robbie Vergara

Screenprinting is a creative outlet for Vancouver based artist Robbie Vergara. Robbie designs his surreal and "punny" images using combinations of 18th and 19th century biology and historical drawings. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Max Ernst, Terry Gilliam, Andy Warhol and his love for music and film. Every print is individually and lovingly hand-pulled in East Vancouver, BC using water based non-toxic inks on top quality North American made garments.

Susan Otto Bain

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The Jitterbug Studio

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White Fox Collective

White Fox collective is a jewelry company based in Maple Ridge,BC.  All products are made with lead and nickel free metals and are designed by maker mom  Angela.  The faux druzy earrings, leaf necklaces  and glass pendants are just a few of the products that Angela makes to sell in small boutiques.


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CCCrafts & Home

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Donal Hebner

Donal has always had a passion for writing and art. It is over the past seven years that he began focusing on his creative works and now spends his time writing, creating lino-block printed images, art cards, and hand painted stones.

Empire of Sasse

Brittney Johnson, owner and creator of Empire of Sasse has managed to design a collection of mugs for all to enjoy.  Her mugs make great gifts letting the present day sayings speak for themselves.


Justindeed is owned and run by Justin, a graphic designer & artist born in Vancouver, Canada.  His line includes cards, prints and coasters, all designed by Justin. The drink cards are particularly fun with the printed recipe on the back of the card.  Perfect for friends with favourite drinks.  His succulent prints are great for framing and using in your home decor.  

Nicole Standard

Nicole Standard is a freelance designer & illustrator working and living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is inspired by color and whimsical imagery which you will see in her work. She has a bottomless passion for creating visual works across both digital and traditional media. When she is not in her studio, you'll find her outdoors, hanging out with her two dogs, or sipping a coffee at a local cafe.

Pebble & Door Candle Co.


Sandie Bell


The 6th Scent Candle

The 6th Scent Candle Co. offers 100% natural soy wax candles with high quality fragrance oils. The candles are hand poured in re-usable containers and in small batches and they come in lovely hand made gift boxes.  Let The 6th Scent Candles brighten up your day and compliment your life style.

Theresa Henry Smith

Theresa currently works on lovely, longer style necklaces made to make a statement.  Her work is always thoughtful and well done with great attention to detail.  Trained at Emily Carr in Fine Art she has many interests that include painting, photography, sketching and teaching part time.

Woven Stone

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